" There are years that ask questions and there are that answers "

As years goes by


200 x 120 cm oil on canvas


Herdar os olhos do seu filhos, olhar através deles. 

 mixed media 260 x 195 cm 

V for victory

150x200cm Oil on raw Canvas

Sem Nada 

150x200cm Oil on raw Canvas

Inicio inversa mixed media 240x150cm

Inescapável ~ mixed media 200x120cm

... tudo o que resta ...

150x200cm Oil on raw Canvas

Studio view / 150x200cm mixed media.


FOCUS. 100x75cm Giclee print

LOVE LETTER. 100x75cm Giclee print

en ... weer vlogen de kraaien om de toren ...

NOVA LUCE , 100x75cm Giclee print

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